An ongoing series of fun, quirky, sometimes serious news.  


August, 2018

Hello, it's me. I was wondering if after all these months, you'd still remember me! 

It has been a while since we have posted for RORO Times! We have had a busy summer, with lots going on, and lots coming up! Now that summer is almost over, we would love to share our first summer with you! 

Awesome things that happened this summer and changes that are coming!

1. We were a part of so many different festivals/fairs this year! It was exciting to see all the culture that comes to Huron County in summer. Looking forward to seeing you at more events next year! A quick thank you to the Multicultural festival, Hensall Fair and Zurich Fair for having us! 

2. We are expecting! Yes, we have another little one coming around pretty soon! We are due December 5th, 2018! Speaking on that, if there any first time moms also expecting, we are hoping to publish a book by the end of this year on becoming a mother. Something small, realistic and easy to read!  So stay tuned! 

3.  Come fall we may be changing our business hours. There will be a Facebook poll soon! Our hours will be a little more practical, and if all goes well, we will be open longer during the day! 

4. As of August we have employed three wonderful employees. We also have an awesome intern! In the near future we hope to expand and provide more job opportunities! 

5. Our little Raja who most of you have seen since he was three months, turned one this summer! It is still unbelievable that he's one! 

6. We have officially applied for our liquor license! So wish us luck, and if all goes well, Hensall will have a new 5 o'clock someplace to be! 

7. We are introducing vegan/gluten free burger buns very soon! By the end of this summer it will be an official addition to our menu! 

8. We have officially sold 250 Roro burgers! Cannot believe how we started off with one, and we have come so far! 

9. We have new pets at Roro's! We have three new fish and are so excited to have unique underwater creatures in our restaurant! A little more information on Axolotl's

10.  Our beautiful Facebook family has grown to 300+ followers! We are so excited you are on this journey with us! 

There are a lot of other projects and ideas in the works, and as they gain more life, we will be sharing that news with you! Hope your summer was wonderful and beachy! Send us questions to be answered on the next post! 

-Roro's family


April, 2018

Ever wonder if there's things you don't know about us? Well you've come to the right blog! 

Things you didn't know about Ro:

1. He speaks spanish

2. He is a Bollywood fanatic 

3. He lived in Paraguay for 4 months

4. He has a black belt in Tae- kwon-doe

5. He dropped out of university to pursue his dreams

Things you didn't know about G:

1. She is really into crafts, and enjoys creating

2. She wears glasses, and is left-handed

3. She is vegetarian who cooks meat without trying it

4. She enjoys skydiving

5. She has over 20 tattoos 

Things you didn't know about Raja: 

1. He had a home-birth

2. He has loved smoothies since 6 months

3. He is 2nd generation Canadian

4. He was born on 07/07/2017 at 11:47 pm and weighed 7 lbs and 4 ounces

5. His best friend is his pet bird

Hope you enjoyed these little fun facts! 


March, 2018

Everything blue? Ever wonder when coming into RoRo's why the walls are bright blue? Well, here's a personal fact for you! Roro (the head chef) is a city raised boy and his go to spot was by the water. He loves sunny clear blue skies, swimming, jumping off cliffs to go diving, and loves sea-dooing against the waves. When moving to Hensall, being in a tourist town was a dream come true, So the walls represent the dream of living by the water in a small town. They represent the calmness of water, they represent Bluewater County.

RORO TIMES is way for you to keep in touch with us. Ask us whatever you would like, and for us share with you upcoming events around town. Hensall is a dream for us, and we want to see this beautiful town flourish like it once did in the mid 1900's. We believe that love can save the world little by little, and maybe we cannot change the entire world, but we definitely can spread some love with the hope that one day it will be passed forth. 

Some new changes we have made over the last four months:

1. We have started opening for supper from Thursday to Sunday evenings.

2. We have introduced theme nights. Indian night is every last Saturday of the month!

3. We bake!! We bake our own tarts, pies, cakes! We specialize in rhubarb pie, strawberry pie, rum cake, sea salt almond pie, pecan pie and butter tarts! 

You can place orders on the go!

4. We have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options! We make fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices to go! 

5. We have introduced Indian Plate take out available fresh on the spot available Wednesday to Saturday!

6. We redecorated! We painted so far and introduced a blackboard menu! We will be bringing in other changes slowly. 

 We would love for you all to be a part of our journey. Welcome to RORO TIMES!