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Home of the Roro Burger‚Äč sold to date: 518

Roro's Scholarship 

Age requirements: 17-20 years of age

Must be from Huron County or currently residing in Huron County

Deadline: March 1st, 2019

Please choose one of the following essay questions:

1. What is one thing you could do today to improve our local community? How would you accomplish this goal?

2. Spend one week doing something kind for someone every single day. At the end of the week, write about what you did and how people responded. Then, explain what you learned about yourself during the activity.

3. List 10 different types of community service that you could perform this year. Then, choose one that you would like to commit to doing and write about what you will do and why.

Word capacity: min: 250 to 750 words.

Please submit your essays to [email protected]

Thank you in advance to all the love, shares, and good vibes we have received. We are eager to get our message across and try to give back to our community. 

With your continued support, we will not only be able to hand out one scholarship successfully, but hopefully many more.

- Roro's Team

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