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Our Mission

We are a simple family that wants to bring love and joy into the community. We love cooking and looking after our customers, they are our family. Our goal is to serve each meal with love.

Our Story

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We are a small family from the GTA who happened to stumble upon a small little kitchen in Hensall, Ontario. We came down for a drive on Sunday afternoon, and fell in love. 

Since then, we never wanted to go back and decided to settle down in this beautiful community.

Story Part 4

Our top chef RoRo has loved cooking since he was in high school. From making large messes in his mum's kitchen to operating a family run kitchen, he has come a long way sprinkling love in each meal.

Our tea expert waitress G, loves serving the customers and talking about tea with her partner-in-crime our new baby Karam and sometimes in action his older brother, the original baby, baby Raja.

We believe that it is a privilege to feed people with our own hands, so thank you for giving us this blessing.  

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